“We recently had the privilege of hosting Sharon Witt… as one of our seminar presenters. Sharon was professional, efficient and gracious. Her seminars sold out early and hundreds of delegates came away effervescing with great praise, encouragement and challenge from the material shared and from Sharon herself. We very much look forward to having her again in the future.”
Sum Lock, Project Officer South Australia

Live your life on purpose

Have you ever thought: What am I doing? What am I meant to do with this life? Have you ever felt stuck in a rut?

Every woman has asked this question of themselves at least once, if not, hundreds, of times. As women, we often have so much to manage in our daily lives, whether that be running a household, raising children, making time for relationships, fostering friendships and careers. So what do we do when we feel like we’ve lost our purpose? How do we live our lives in order to feed our own desires, hopes and dreams?

When and how do we make time to dream and set goals and new visions for our lives.

How can God possibly use me?!

Sharon Witt is a gifted and funny speaker. Over 18 years ago, God placed on Sharon’s heart that she was to write books for teenagers. After ignoring these promptings for over ten years, eventually she gave in and wrote her first book in 2007. What followed has been an incredible journey that she could never have predicted. Her story will impact you in a significant way if you have ever wondered, ‘How could God possibly use me?’. She is just about to release books 10 and 11, with over 100,000 books in print in Australia, U.K and the USA. The ride has not always been smooth, but her story will leave you inspired.

When life gets messy

Sharon Witt is a gifted and humorous speaker. She is the mother of two teenagers, the author of 12 books for children and teens and a secondary educator. She spends a great deal of her time teaching and writing about resilience.

Recent years have seen her forced to draw on her own resilience as she has faced some significant challenges around dealing with a family member with significant mental health issues. The struggles of the messiness of life can often bring us literally to our knees, when we literally have to hand our entire situation to God and let it be. How do we do this when we feel we don’t even have the energy to raise our heads? How, as a church, can we meet the needs of the broken and struggling? Sharon’s session will be real, raw and honest- challenging us all to understand how we can be Christ’s hands and feet in a broken world.