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Sharon Witt Motivational Speaker and Author

Ten Morning News – Raising Teens

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Raising Teens A: Will the relationship between parents and their child can become strange when their little so-called “angel” becomes a moody and challenging teenager? Mother of 2 Sharon Witt says raising teenagers is quote “Like nailing jelly to a tree”. She’s just published a new book called “Teen Talk, Parent Talk” and she joins us now from our Melbourne studio. Good morning Sharon. Thanks so much for joining us today. Sharon Witt: Good morning Natasha, thanks for having me. A: I’m a mother of a 3 and 5 year old, tantrums that come in place in our household. Are you telling me that they’re gonna continue? Sharon Witt: Yeah, well it’s not much that the tantrums continuing, but certainly those hormones, those dreaded hormones have a lot to answer for. It’s too much of this time, for many of our teenagers and you know, especially their parents as well, we have...
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