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VCE results with Sharon Witt

By August 26, 2017July 25th, 2018No Comments




DJ1: With VCE time out, it’s a big, big hour really for the VCEs and for your results. Of course we had to get Sharon Witt, our Child Whisperer to tell us more about that. There, all right with you Sharon. How are you?

SHARON WITT: I’m great, how are you guys going?

DJ2: Good. Very well.

SHARON WITT: Big weekend. I so Lucy’s up in action last night.

DJ2: It was awesome.

SHARON WITT: Thank you. Now, from 7 o’clock this morning, over 46,000 students will receive their ATAP scores, which is their Australian Tertiary Admission rank, which is another name for their VCE results. I still remember when I was in year 12, to wait ‘till 2 o’clock until the posting to turn up my envelope and then open it in the driveway with my parents. So how’s that. You can actually get your VCE results SMS to you. Over 20,000 students registered to get their results by SMS.

DJ2: How cool is that?

DJ1: I know. Technology rocks you know.

SHARON WITT: No waiting to get the post anymore.

DJ1: What cooler is that when thinking depending on your result.


DJ1: Because it could be some disappointment today.

DJ2: Yeah, look, out of the 46, 939 students to receive their scores this morning, I’ve spoken one. I can officially tell you, and she was actually very excited. She got 10% higher than what she thought, which was great. But there are some students out there today that aren’t gonna be so happy with their results. And, look it is really, you know, it’s a combination of a whole year’s worth of work, it’s not just the exams, you know, different work requirements through the year. So, I think it’s really important to put this into perspective. This is one year, one result and our teenagers need to remember they’re not their ATAP scores; they’re not their VCE results today. There’s so much more that makes them, that make up who they are, you know. So I think we need to remember that, put in perspective. Yes, it does get you to a university degree if that’s what, you know, gets you into university entrance if that’s why you’re wanted. But so many students aren’t going to go on that path.

DJ2: If you are a parent of a teenager this morning, and the teenager has perhaps gotten a score that they are a little disappointed with, are you gonna need tips for parents to help their teenagers?

SHARON WITT: Yeah, absolutely. I think the most important thing is we need to encourage them that, celebrate that they have actually set their exams, they’ve actually completed year 12, whether they’re really happy with their result or not. This is about just celebrating the fact they finished schooling and you know, this marks a really big master for them in whatever career path they might go down. And many students actually probably won’t know exactly what they wanna do. I mean, actually before I didn’t know I was sort of gonna hit into the direction I did.

DJ2: I didn’t know after grade 12 what I wanna do.

DJ1: First job you got was a, what, let’s go on our first jobs.

DJ2: After grade 12?

DJ1: Straight out of school.

DJ2: Straight out of school.

SHARON WITT: Well, in a university then straight into an advertising agency where I answer the phone every morning.

DJ1: There you go. What did you do?

DJ2: I studied a bit of journalism then I left, then went on work in a toy store, then I studied music, then a performer.

DJ1: Toy store. I tried hair dressing. Three months, I did it for three months. So don’t worry about your career guys, if you don’t. What am I gonna do? You got to try something, maybe a couple of stuff.

DJ2: You’re still, you know, for all in tense and purposes, you know, you still got your whole lot ahead.

SHARON WITT: You’re still young, and if I may defer, you know, it is a score and a piece of paper.

DJ2: That’s right.

SHARON WITT: These scores are not the bail window. And I would encourage parents, take your VCE student out for lunch. Go and celebrate.

DJ2: Celebrate.

SHARON WITT: Whatever the score is.

DJ2: Yes. I love the idea.

SHARON WITT: Celebrate that they, this is a great achievement. So, many young people don’t go through year 12.

DJ1: Nice.

SHARON WITT: So, celebrate no matter what. And just a big shout out to the young boy Alex from Gisborne, down in Gisborne High school somewhere. He was a dux of the school. He is the only student that took VCE.