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Sharon Witt – Study strategies for students

By October 28, 2017July 25th, 2018No Comments



DJ1: Sharon Witt’s here with our parenting advice. She’s the kid whisperer. Sharon, good morning.

SHARON WITT:  Good morning guys. How are we?

DJ2: Okay.

SHARON WITT:  We’re on a home stretch a few more weeks and school will be finish for the year.

DJ1: I know.

DJ2: Yes.

DJ1: School will be out.

SHARON WITT:  It will. But there was report in the news this morning that some kids are getting really stressed before Naplan testing which happens, you know, in grade three. Grade three, five, sevens and nines, but some children, I mean it happens during the year, it’s over now. But some kids were stressed, vomiting, even hiding at their tables.

DJ2: No.

SHARON WITT:  So, nice leading to, looking at exams, study tips, because many of our students are going to be. How do your twelve exams, their done, dusted, finished. They’re often schoolies. But we’ve got, your kids are actually starting exams this week and next week. So, for some, you know, there’s year 7 students who are starting exams for the first time. And I must say hello to Sam, my good friend who is listening who is doing his first year 7 exam tomorrow. There’s a lot of kids that stress about exams and it’s not the bail window but I would say to parents, you know, there’s a lot of things that we can do to help kids have a stress-free environment.

DJ2: What are those things?

DJ1: What do you got?

SHARON WITT:  Well, I think the most important thing is for parents to reassure their child to do their best with their study and it’s not the bail window. You know it’s, when exam results come in teachers actually assess or cross the whole board all their work for the year. So, we can’t just base everything on the final exam result. But, here’s some tips for parents, have a bit of a study time table on the fridge so that everyone in the family knows when exams are and most schools will send out an exam time table with their child. So, you’ll see that Tuesday they’ve got Science, Wednesdays English and Math or whatever. Limit phone calls to students and I would suggest probably putting the iPads and those sorts of things out of the room. And try not to book, you know, nana’s big 80th extravaganza during the exams study time because it does, you know, kids actually wanna have that space to be able to study. Not all kids will wanna study, but having that space is really good. Ensure your child got a quiet place to study with limited distractions. Some kids actually work, I know my son work really well with a study partner last year.

DJ1: Okay.

SHARON WITT:  So, you know, maybe for a couple of the subjects that they, they may be having trouble with, Math, have a friend come over and get them sort of help them as they go through it together. Two heads are often better than one.

DJ1: Yeah.

SHARON WITT:  They can get easily distracted so you’ve got to choose your study partner. And I think as parents, we can just, you know, ensure they’re fed and watered so, you know, provide food and water, have a bit of a study platter with some fruits and nuts and lollies and all those sorts of things. But just, you know, some healthy snacks to have while they are studying.

DJ1: I know you don’t want to get into the caffeine side of things late at night.

DJ2: No, no.

SHARON WITT:  Bringing them coffees 11 o’clock at night.

DJ2: Or energy drinks or anything like that.

SHARON WITT:  But a lot of parents think, you know, why are we doing exams in U 7, how ridiculous is this. But, really is, it’s more practice, you know. They still, yes have merit but we’re trying to teach kids study patterns from an early age so that by the time they get to year 11 and 12 they’re so used to doing exams and it’s not so stressful.

DJ1: Good call Sharon, that’s a great tip.

DJ2: That is great.

SHARON WITT:  So, good luck to all students who are setting exams this week and just do your best and study well.

DJ1: Don’t forget it’s not the bail window anymore. Thanks Sharon.


DJ1: We’ll see you in seven days time.

SHARON WITT:  Seven more sleeps.

DJ1: Seven more sleeps.