Sharon Witt is a supporter of many organisations and writes frequently for many magazines and journals. Sharon is proud to be ambassador to Collective Shout, Pregnant Pause, Esteem Designz and Bridge Builders Youth Organisation.


As young girls and women, we are bombarded on a daily basis with thousands of images of beauty and perceived perfection that feed the narrative – we just don’t measure up! Since my early years as an educator, I have been passionate about speaking out against the airbrushed images of perfection that our girls often use to measure their value and self worth. The rise of social media tools, such as Instagram makes it even more difficult to live our lives as real and authentic girls, as users apply a myriad of filters and other tools that allow them to upload only the best version of themselves.

I still recall as a teenager, the many unflattering photos that we took of ourselves- with bad hair and big frizzy perms, yet we could destroy these images with a quick tear of the paper. Once these prints were destroyed they were gone forever. Now, we can post and share these images to thousands, if not millions of followers. Self appointed weight loss gurus, workout warriors and insta-fame seekers can post air-brushed and blemish free images by the hour to millions of follows- many of these, young teen girls who are still navigating who they are and discovering their uniqueness.

My best advice for girls…
‘Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken!’