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Sharon Witt: How to Juggle

By October 21, 2017July 25th, 2018No Comments



DJ1: Time for our kiddie whisperer Sharon Witt to join us. What I love Sharon


DJ1: Is you got on our Facebook page and went coming out our parenting expert Sharon Witt joins us and it was posted by you.


DJ1: That’s it, Sharon Witt says I’m coming out next.


DJ1: Love it.

SHARON WITT:  I just wanted to get some parents’ ideas of what they thought about this topic. As parents, let me, I’m talking about moms in particular this morning, but dads you can still listen into, we’re not taking you out. As moms, we are chefs, cleaner, child care worker, fashion consultant, chauffer, problem solver, mediator, counselor, employee, teacher, first-aid officer and a mom.

DJ2: And we have to go out and purchase all those hats and make them look sassy.

SHARON WITT:  Yeah, and present buyer, all those sorts of things, social calendar. Anyway, on the weekend, there was a new study showing that working moms and dads are struggling to stay sane amidst the chaos of modern family. I agree, I agree. There are some days where I think, “Am I, am I sane?”, “am I actually sane?”

DJ2: So, how to keep the balance of it all and keep all the balls in the air?

SHARON WITT:  It is and so many of us are working moms and working dads as well, but I’m talking particularly about working moms this morning because a lot of us are working moms. I’ve been a working mom pretty much since my children were born. And, I had to go back to work financially just so that we could actually feed our children. But a university, University of New South Whales experts found that sanity saves such as child care, non-standard work outs, self-employment, working from home are not actually making our life easier and they actually surveyed 772 couples. But it found that women are working more, both dividing just as much time to raising the kids. So, it’s really difficult to coordinate work and family life. It’s just becoming really difficult and our kids are actually, you know, their time table is too distracted so much these days, you know, they’ve got sporting things, and dancing, and bat and twirling. Do they still bat and twirl these days?

DJ2: I don’t know.

DJ1: It’s big with the kids.

SHARON WITT:  Gymnastics, you name it. The kids are doing so much. And when we’re working as well, because we’re trying, you know, keep our lives going and paying all the bills. It’s tough. So, you know it’s interesting, I put that out this morning on Facebook as myself cause I wanted to find out do parents have any good tips for keeping sane.

DJ1: Yeah, yeah.

DJ2: And it’s, it’s a reality for so many of us. So Sharon, what are some tips that you can give us to help us.

SHARON WITT:  Okay, I’ll give some great little tips. I’ve thought about this this morning. An age appropriate times, look I’m not saying when your child is two but you can actually get your kids to help out with housework. And, I can talk about this because my son is not listening, but on the weekend, I had to work on Saturdays on so did my husband, and I just write a list of things that I knew needed to be done over the weekend. It has look like a bomber, basically. And I just said to my son, whatever you can do, you can do. And I just left it up to him and I came home and the lawns were mowed, the house was mopped, vacuumed, washing put away and I sort of put, you know, he basically, you know, give him some money at the end for that. But it’s great when you can actually involve your kids, that’s really good. Every now and then, this is something that I’ve done, my husband calls it my crazy few hours, but it’s, if you can do this, it’s a great thing to do. Actually, plan on a Sunday after or Saturday afternoon, make three meals, okay. And it can be things like casseroles, lasagnas, some of those easy things that I gonna go off. And then, you get Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday free. You come home from work and “oh, there’s a meal”, so just pop them in the oven. So, I have done that occasionally.

DJ2: That’s just awesome. There is something really releasing about knowing that you do not have to cook the meal that night.

SHARON WITT:  Exactly. It’s so good. I actually have a friend who remain nameless, and she actually plans, I know this is going to sound funny, but she plans her entire term of meals.

DJ2: Wow!

SHARON WITT:  So, she doesn’t make them all.

DJ1: Control freak.

DJ2: I know a month out.

DJ1: You know a month out of meals?

DJ2: No, I don’t. I know someone who does.


DJ2: Yeah.

DJ1: Wow.

SHARON WITT:  Here is another great tip and I did this as a uni student. We have got so many uni students out there who would, would just love a little bit of petro money. If you could find uni students in your local area, in your church, just offer that they can maybe come in one or two hours a week, maybe, you know, hang out with your kids, maybe start a meal. I did this when I was in uni and I went and, you know, three times a week, went after university, help some kids just to their homework and got the dinner started for this mom. And she occasionally just gave me some petro money and I tell you what, you know, five dollars of petrol support pretty much my car, just to get me to the station and back.

DJ2: Oh those were the days.

SHARON WITT:  Our uni students, seriously are loving them love hanging out with kids and just love that sort of responsibility. So, don’t write them off as well. And occasionally just arrange a kid swap where you might have someone’s kids and your kids for the day and then they can pay that back as well. So, you get a day off.

DJ1: Great tips.

DJ2: So when the kids come are over at your place.

SHARON WITT:  Exactly.

DJ2: Awesome

DJ1: Sharon thank you so much.

SHARON WITT:  Have an awesome day guys.

DJ1: Awesome tips, we’ll catch you next week.

SHARON WITT:  Thanks, see you next week.