Transition to High School Curriculum


For many children, the conclusion of their Primary Schooling is an exciting yet also somewhat stressful time as the impending graduation draws closer, as does the reality of stepping up into High School. For some however, particularly those with older siblings, the transition into High School isn’t so burdensome, as they have a reasonable grasp of what they are in for. For others however, it can be quite an unsettling period, particularly as the end of the school year rapidly approaches and the reality of leaving their Primary Schooling approaches.
Those first few weeks and months of beginning High School can be quite daunting for students – particularly as they grapple with a brand new timetable, a variety of different teachers, sometimes varied expectations, new subjects, coupled with the fact that many are beginning puberty and are coping with a myriad of body changes at the same time.

Transition to High School Curriculum

Comprehensive lesson plans, activities and resource sheets for students have been designed for teachers of Senior Primary students and Early Secondary students. Lessons can be taught in any order and teachers are free to pick and choose from lessons and adapt and change ideas to suit their individual class situations and students needs. The first half of the curriculum program features 8 structured lessons to be taught by teacher in Senior Primary School, whilst the second half of the curriculum is designed to be implemented over the first two weeks of Secondary School for those students just beginning High School.

Curriculum Package includes:

  • A4 Book with full set of Curriculum Outline, Detailed lesson plans and student handouts in hard copy
  • CD containing all files and handouts for students ready to be printed
  • Full use for Purchasing School Only (no ongoing license fee)
  • 30 minute DVD- Surviving High School
  • 8 Transition lesson plans for Senior Primary students
  • 8 Transition Lessons plans for Junior Secondary students
  • $19.95 (including GST) + $12.95 Postage to anywhere in Australia

Topics include:

  • Understanding the differences between Primary School and High School
  • What to expect at High School
  • Discuss Fears about the changes
  • Reflections on their time in Primary School
  • Friendship Strategies for High School
  • Helpful Information about the first few days of High School

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