Starting Secondary School


A parenting guide that deals with one of the most significant transition periods of a child’s life – starting secondary school. 
By Michael Carr-Gregg and Sharon Witt
‘We want to give you and your child the best opportunity to thrive in secondary school. By the end of this book you’re going to feel a whole lot more capable of dealing with what Year 7 throws at you.’
The jump between primary and secondary school marks one of the biggest transitions in a student’s life. It’s the point at which a child leaves the relatively safe cocoon of childhood and enters the wide world of adolescence. For both parents and their children, it can be a huge shock, as they encounter a minefield of serious issues to deal with – everything from peer and study pressures to phones, parties and beyond.
In this invaluable resource for Australian families, bestselling authors Michael Carr-Gregg and Sharon Witt provide all the tools and information you need for entering this turbulent and testing time.
With warmth and wisdom, they offer latest advice on the following: 
· Choosing the right school for you
· Settling into secondary school
· Homework, study tips and tricks
· Coping with stress, anxiety and depression
· Social issues such as bullying and friendships
· Health and wellbeing, including the importance of sleep and diet
· Latest advice on mobile phones and technology
Starting secondary school is a whole lot more complex than it once was, but this invaluable resource will help your family face this major milestone armed with knowledge and confidence.
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