Secrets of successful entrepreneurs exposed


New Release book Sharon Witt has contributed to on successfully running her own business!

Would you like to go inside the minds of some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs? Would you like to learn how they got started and how they turned their ideas into multi-million dollar businesses? If so, this book is for you! Join author Dale Beaumont as he asks all the big questions and gets you the answers you need to achieve personal, financial and business success.


  • How to test your idea and find your first wave of paying customers
  • How to get established quickly and build your professional credibility
  • What it takes to market your business online and via social media
  • How to grow beyond you and how to hire a team of high-performers
  • Essentials skills to become an effective manager and a great leader
  • What technology and financials you need in place to scale rapidly
  • How to successfully manage your business, personal and family life

Featuring written material by…

  • Tina Tower (Begin Bright & Scale UP)
  • Paul Dunn (B1G1 Business For Good)
  • Andrew & Angela Smith (Lifestyle Tradie)
  • Kody Thompson (Lightning Sites)
  • Sarah Bloom (Simply Rose Petals)
  • Mark Ottobre (Enterprise Fitness)
  • Sue-Ellen Watts (wattsnext)
  • Mark Williams (Imagine Accounting)
  • Skye Anderton (Ruby Olive)
  • Sean Hersee (Sage Painting)
  • Michelle Young (POP UP Cosmetics)
  • Melissa Abu-Gazaleh (Top Blokes Foundation)
  • Peter Moriarty (itGenius)
  • Sharon Witt (Collective Wisdom)