Raising Resilient Kids


Resilience is a term that has gained traction in recent years, becoming the “buzzword” if you will. It’s easy to see why. it’s a word that resonates with parents, carers, educators- anyone who is involved in the lives of children and teenagers, as we all have similar goals – namely, to develop strong, capable, well-balanced and above all, kind, decent, and resilient young people.

Throughout this book, a number of Australia’s best experts will touch on some of the biggest and most challenging influences on young people today – including cyber safety, pornography, anxiety and self-harm – and they offer not only current statistics and information, but strategies to help us as parents, educators and carers, to navigate this minefield and raise them to become confident, resilient people.

Topics covered include:

  • How to build happy and resilient children
  • Nurturing resilience in our children during their early years
  • Building resilience in the digital space
  • Building resilience in a society that is highly impacted by pornography
  • Understanding and responding to self-harm in our young people
  • How gratitude is important to developing resilience
  • Helping our young people manage anxiety
  • How parents and others caring for children and teens can build their own resilience

Contributing Authors:

  • Dr Michael Carr-Gregg
  • Susan Mclean
  • Melinda Tankard Reist
  • Sharon Witt
  • Michael Grose
  • Michelle Mitchell
  • Collett Smart
  • Hugh van Cuylenberg
  • Wendy Mason