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Love Bombing

By August 19, 2017July 25th, 2018No Comments




DJ1: Good morning Sharon.

SHARON WITT:  Good morning guys. How are you today?

DJ1: Very good.

DJ2: Very well. Had a great weekend?

SHARON WITT:  Yes, I have had a fantastic weekend.

DJ2: Yes, where have you been? You’ve been away, haven’t you?

SHARON WITT:  Yes, I’ve actually been away with my daughter for the weekend. And, just love bombing her, took her away.

DJ2: What do you mean love bombing?


DJ1: It’s like truth bombing but love.

SHARON WITT:  Yeah, like one of the things that we can do. We are talking love languages this morning with our kids, and one of the things we can do is spend one-on-one time with our children. So, my daughter just loves spending time, one-on-one time with her. So, yeah, we just went away and just hang out there for two days.

DJ2: So, quality time is really good.

DJ1: When you say love languages, what kind of love languages. Because there’s a few of them isn’t it?

SHARON WITT: There’s a few of them. There’s quality time, there’s acts of service, and there are gifts so some kids like gifts. Yeah, so

DJ2: There’s words of affirmation

SHARON WITT:  Yeah words of affirmation as well.

DJ2: And physical touch.

DJ1: Look at you knowing the love languages.

DJ2: I love the book by Gary Chapman. One of my favorite books so I recommend it to everybody.

DJ1: Okay.

SHARON WITT:  It’s fantastic. And look our children all have different love languages as we do as well.

DJ1: How do you find out which one they’ve got?

SHARON WITT:  Well, bombard them with gifts and see if they like that. No, no really, it’s really about just identifying what sort of, what they really respond to. So, for example if your child really loves it if you do something like cleaning up their room for them, or they get a day off school.

DJ2: Oh, kids love that.

SHARON WITT:  Really love it. But, they all respond differently. So, one of my children just really loves gifts and loves that I’ve actually thought of him. And the other one just likes to have, you know, time spent with them. But one of the ideas you can do, and now, don’t, all parents don’t start ringing in and saying Sharon said that my child could have a day off school. But of the things that is a great idea is called “Love Bombing your child”. And I do this with each of my children once a year. And they get one day off in the year to actually spend just one-on-one with me and we can do, no phones, no taking emails, no nothing and we just spend the whole day together whatever they want to do within reason. Like, you know, we don’t go flying off to Bali, or anything like that.

DJ2: That’s a shame, that would be great.

SHARON WITT: It’s a shame, but, it’s just something where you spend the whole day with them and just hanging out with them for the day. So, I actually got this idea from another teacher I work with who’s done that with her children for a few years. And, I love it. So they just get a day off school just once in a year and they just get love bombed for the day. Just one-on-one time with the parent s.

DJ2: I love that idea.

DJ1: Thank you so much for joining us today. Where are we gonna see you next?

SHARON WITT:  Where or when?

DJ1: Where.


DJ1: Are you in telly this week?

SHARON WITT:  Yeah, I’m on telly next week talking about puberty.

DJ1: We’ll catch you next Monday.