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How does LightFM impact children – Sharon Witt

By October 18, 2017July 25th, 2018No Comments




DJ1: And that’s why it’s so fantastic that we have author and speaker Sharon Witt in the tally room right with us. Good afternoon Sharon.

SHARON WITT: Good afternoon guys.

DJ2: Welcome.

SHARON WITT: Thank you.

DJ1: It’s always welcome that we have Sharon on during brekky, she’s our Kid Whisperer, but Sharon, what are, what’s the impact that the content, the music we hear, what impact does it have on children? How important it is?

SHARON WITT: Yeah, I think, you know, often we forget that there’s a lot of children in the car listening during when LightFM is on and it’s one of those stations, I speak to many parents in the schools that I work at and you know in the work that I do who say that they have LightFM on overtime and it’s one of those stations they can have on all the time and not have to worry about, do we have to quickly turn the volume down or this might not be appropriate. And I don’t think we can ever under estimate the impact that LightFM is having on families. We’ve already heard this morning from people and parents that have been in a really difficult time in their lives and by listening to LightFM, one song coming on has had such a positive impact that it’s then affect their children. We heard from Joan earlier, early in the hour and she was talking about the fact that you know she was at a real crisis. And through LighFM’s help and through a lot of other people getting alongside her, she was able to then reunite with her children and she’s in a much better place now and I don’t think we can ever under estimate the work that is happening here at LightFM. And, you know, one of the things that I love doing, being part of the brekky program and talking about families and parenting, I think that is so important because we’ve not only got, we’re impacting parents as well but we’re impacting the whole family. And, I had a funny story last week, often I’m on air before I get into school in the mornings then I’ll walk up in the classrom and I’ll have numerous kids saying, we just heard you on air this morning. And I had one boy come up to me the other day and he said, you know what I wake up to LightFM every morning, mom sets the alarm clock and their music is what we wake up to is LightFM and he said when I woke up this morning at ten past seven it was your voice.

DJ1: He can’t escape you.

SHARON WITT: He said I can’t escape you. I am everywhere. As soon as the station came on, it was actually Mrs. Witt speaking and I said yes I’m everywhere.

DJ1: But I think this is great. In LightFM, we hear time and time again, it does have an impact on children, on young people. And, what about challenge, if we thought, for how many children are in our kid’s classroom. How many children are in our, out the school, in the girls brigade or whatever clubs in, on the forty team, imagine if people gave a dollar for each child that was in their life.

DJ2: What is the average class size these days?

SHARON WITT: Between 25 and 30. I’d like to put a nice big challenge out there today. Over the last 20 years, I think I’ve probably taught something like you know, maybe, a hundred, two hundred students each year across the board. I’d like to put out a challenge today across Melbourne to every student that is being taught by Mrs. Witt, to think about donating to LightFM and to support families, support, you know, the encouraging , amazing work that LightFM does. So if you’re out there listening and I’ve taught you, I’d love you to phone in and say, yes I’m gonna donate.

DJ2: Alright, there’s two challenges. One, think about your child’s class size and can you donate a dollar for every child that’s in your class, in your child’s class. Or, if you’ve ever been taught by Mrs. Witt, on the phone right now or the website to donate, the number to donate is 1300 777 899. Kayler is on the line. Hi Kayler how are you?

CALLER: Hi, good. Thanks.

DJ1: You’ve donated today for appeal have you?

CALLER: Yes, I had. And, can I just say that LightFM, I’ve been listening to LightFM for over a year now, and I just love how you spread some positivity into the community compared to the other mainstream stations.

DJ1: Kayler, is that to do, is that specific to mean what those stations are talking about or is it also the music that they play and the content and the lyrics of the songs, does that come in to it?

CALLER: Yes,definitely. It’s definitely the music, the content that you play obviously has a specific message. Can I just put out there, cause I’m a community worker and I know there’s a lot of community there are colleagues who also listen to the station but I don’t know what it is, there’s something that stops them from actually taking actions to help out in these instances and you’ve got a lot of great sponsors and my organization works with agencies like that as well. But it would be great if somehow they work in a community out there actually take on some kind of personal action.

DJ1: Absolutely, I mean, we are a community station and our mission is to make our city a better place and to really put something positive. Like your saying Kayler are real positive message into our community. There are so many diffrent people out in Melbourne doing that same thing and we’re just asking, if you do that, if you are keen to see our community  be a better place, then call up or go on the web and donate and have an impact on the rest of Melbourne by really putting in and getting behind LightFM.

CALLER: Yes, that’s right. Let’s be part of it.

DJ2: Thank you so much Kayler for getting involved and helping us out today.

CALLER: No problem.

DJ1: One of the great things Kayler was saying is the information that LightFM puts out it’s positive, it has a positive impact on our community and Sharon, Dan and I were talking during the song about how important the music is because kids listen and just tend to take in everything. I think Sharon you were saying they’re like sponges.

SHARON WITT: Yeah, actually they’re like sponges and we forget that what comes in is gonna come out somewhere, you know. And there’s a lot of stations out there, that, you now, there’s a lot of music out there that is so negative and really inappropriate for young years to listen to. And one of the things I like about LigthFM is you don’t have to worry about turning the channel. You know that what you’re going to hear and what you’re gonna play is positive, the music they selected is carefully selected so that families can listen to it. One of the other things that I love and I love the words to live by that are always, always presented because we forget that children might be listening and adults are listening and it comes in. You know, we may not realize that they’re listening right about the moment but there’ll be some pivotal point that they’re at and that verse might come into their mind at that moment that they need it. And so, i think those sorts of things whilst we take it for granted if they come up during you know numerous times during the hour, they do have an impact.

DJ1: Yeah, we forget how much kids are really are watching and listening all the time and taking these things in. I’ve got a four and six year old in our home and we’re walking along the other day and my husband look down on our four year old and noticed that he has his hands like behind his back, a weird kind of setting. He thought, why is he walking like his hands hide behind his back and he looked up and realized that for some reason I was walking like that as well. I just, I had my hands behind my back as I was walking along. You don’t realize how much they’re noticing, how much they’re copying what we say and what we do, And that’s why, I know, Dan you pick all the music for our station and you are so keen to have good positive music on air ‘cause you know that the kids are picking up on it, they’re singing at they’re humming it without even knowing.

DJ2: I got to say, over the last twelve months or so, boy it is hot going through the mainstream music now, it seems to be getting worse.

SHARON WITT: Absolutely.

DJ2: And harder to find a clean mainstream song to put to air right here in the station, but that’s our, that’s what we wanna do. That’s what we put up.

SHARON WITT: Absolutely. And just as children listen to our conversations and pick up on things and repeat them, so they do with what they listen on the radio. I don’t think there’s a station out there that is doing something as positive as amazing as LightFM. And, I would just encourage parents, when their children, they pick up their children from school today, have a conversation about you know, the importance of LightFM and the positivity of that, that it’s, you know, great alternative. I would challenge parents to perhaps think about donating per person in the family. I’ve just made a donation, here live, and I’ve donated on behalf of each member of my family. And I would encourage parents to do that, have a conversation and decide what they would like  to present to LightFM just to help encourage other people and you know impact other families just like them.

DJ1: Yeah. We could be impacting a whole new generation that’s coming up.

SHARON WITT: Absolutely.

DJ2: 1300 777 899 or you can donate through our secure website Sharon thank you for stopping by this afternoon.

SHARON WITT: Thanks guys, my pleasure.