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Kerri-Anne Show: Love One Child More

By May 24, 2015July 25th, 2018No Comments

Love One Child More

KERRI-ANNE: Great to have you back. Well, parents have denied it for years, but there’s a new book out claiming that 95% of parents do in fact have a favorite child. According to the author, middle children are least likely to be the parents’ favorite, unless it’s family’s only son or daughter. Apparently, the mothers always favor the eldest son and the fathers favor the youngest daughter.

Joining me this morning are author, teacher, mother, Sharon Witt, as well as mother to be Emily Everwin. Ladies, good morning.

SHARON WITT: Good morning.

KERRI-ANNE: Okay, as daughters, what do you think?

EMILY: I do have a joke with my dad, the other boys’ birthday cards “love your favorite daughter”, but I’m the only daughter so I can get away with it. But I think this is an age-old thing, I think this has been going on for centuries, since bible times. I mean, let’s think about it. Joseph and his techno-color dream cart says he was the favorite then his brothers went “we’ll get rid of you and well sell you to the slaves”. And then there was, of course, the prodigal son, who went give me all my money and then went off to spend it on party and then came back and the father went, “Oh, it’s alright you spend all my money, let’s have another party” and the other son said, “what about me?”. I’m sure that someone’s written it he must have been singing in the party “What about me”.

KERRI-ANNE: Well, what do you think?

SHARON WITT: Look, I think you know, it’s very controversial and I think any parent would really admit to loving one child that much.

KERRI-ANNE: See, I can say, they are never gonna admit it. The author said that 95% don’t admit it the other 5% are lying.

SHARON WITT: But, I actually think there are times when you may love one child more than the other and you won’t be happy to admit that. You know, children are children. And there are some days where they just drive you crazy and then sometimes when you might relate more to the other and the other one will go “you love him more than me” or vice versa. But I think, really, we genuinely do love your children the same, but.

EMILY: Well, I think that you should turn it around though. As if as a, well, I’m nearly a mother, and this is my favorite child because it is my only child. You’ve got to look at the positives. The favorite child has lot of expectations to live up to. If you are the least favorite, well you’ve got only way to go with that isn’t it?

KERRI-ANNE: Apparently, it goes on to talk about, you know, it’s human nature in your genes it is what you really like is the reflection of yourself.


KERRI-ANNE: So, if you are the older child, whether a boy or a girl, I do think it is interesting mothers like the older son and fathers the daughter, but it is the reflection of yourself.


KERRI-ANNE: I guess it’s human nature.

EMILY: If you love yourself, you’ll love the child whose like you the most.

KERRI-ANNE: Now, as we move on, there’s other topic. Now, I’m not sure you’ve actually notice but you’re pregnant.

EMILY: No, I’m not, am I?

KERRI-ANNE: Stand up. There you go. Now, where we are going here, and I think this story this week surprised a few of us, certainly me. A backpacker, she’s 37, she thought she had a bit of a gastro-tummy issue,

EMILY: And so many noodles.

KERRI-ANNE: And a little pot belly apparently was a result of too many noodles. This 37 didn’t think she couldn’t go pregnant, out of the blue gives birth.

EMILY: Okay, I am somebody who is pregnant. I wanna read for you Kerri-anne. I get little updates every week about what to expect for this week in my pregnancy. And what I had to expect this week was constipation, heartburn, flatulence, headaches, dizziness, leg cramps, and hemorrhoids. How can you not know you are not pregnant with that amount of stuff going on?

SHARON WITT: It’s a great week for Emily.

EMILY: I know,I’m having the best week ever. But how can you not know?

KERRI-ANNE: And what joy did the person had sent that to you?
EMILY: The baby center. But the thing is, what did she think when she’s eating a chicken that the chicken had come alive in her stomach and started doing the chicken dance? I mean, the baby moves so much. How can you not know you are pregnant?

SHARON WITT: Okay, Kerri-anne, I have a story. Seriously, I know someone this happened to. Was a number of years ago, she was in her 40’s and her children had grown. So she had adult children and she had a stomach cyst and it was diagnosed. And she went in to have surgery, it was quite large, she went in to have surgery and when she woke up they said, yes we’ve removed the cyst and congratulations you have a baby boy, full term. And, I’m not making this up. This is true, I know the boy, and it happened. And she was, she’d given away her baby clothes and when she said she had pain, it was the baby kicking against the cyst. But the cyst was blocking the baby, so she carried to the back, but this was quite large.

EMILY: This part I could understand, but just a normal sized, cause I look at the photo, a normal sized woman, it’s not noodles.

KERRI-ANNE: There is a television show in America, ‘cause I met one of the producers, a show devoted to, “Oh, I didn’t know I was pregnant”. They made a whole television series out of it. So I see, it is easy for some people than others.

EMILY: They’re lying. They’re on denial.

SHARON WITT: I carried really small, and I knew everything, every movement, every little bit of weight. You just.

KERRI-ANNE: Maybe, our audience can fill us in there, what do you think,, go on share us your story,

I don’t know how to feel about this nextstory, we need to battle childhood these years, especially. There’s a child care center that’s setting up a gym room with mini wide benches, mini thread mills, mini rowers for kids as young as three. So, you are talking two to five year old with their gym. Some of them are charging a membership fee. Should I be shocked at this or am I completely out of touch.

EMILY: I was totally shocked and you know how they are trying to make so many things adult for children, like this little beauty pageants and then little kids look like mini adults. I mean, what’s gonna be next? Is there gonna be three year old body building competitions because that’s what’s they are doing in the gym pumping weights. Go and play on a swing, go and run outside, that’s their exercise.

SHARON WITT: And once again, they’re encouraging kids to do things inside. Yeah, we want to get out, I mean, it is so much fun having your kids outside, playing around, you know climbing things, climbing trees, playing in the sandpit.

KERRI-ANNE: And this is certainly a child care center, so, I mean, I’m trying to figure out if it’s smarter the child care center to try and get better.I’m curious.

SHARON WITT: No, I think it’s ridiculous. I personally think it’s ridiculous.

KERRI-ANNE: Sharon Witt, as always, lovely to see you. And it’s always gorgeous to see you, how far to go now?

EMILY: I’ve got five weeks to go.

KERRI-ANNE: And counting, so you just look at that list this morning…

EMILY: I know.

SHARON WITT: How about looking forward to the leg cramp?

KERRI-ANNE: Good morning to you ladies. Now, here’s something that’s changes lives all over Australia.