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Holiday fun with Sharon Witt

By November 4, 2017July 25th, 2018No Comments



DJ1: Sharon Witt, our Kid Whisperer in the studio. Yes, Sharon.

SHARON WITT:  Good morning. Happy Christmas Eve everybody.

DJ2: So exciting.

SHARON WITT:  I love it.

DJ1: ‘Tis the show before Christmas and all for the studio.

SHARON WITT:  And, it’s only about 42 more sleeps ‘till the kids go back to school.

DJ1: Wow.

SHARON WITT:  It’s not that long.

DJ2: Wow, you’ve started counting.


DJ1: Wow it is. Look, and like you say, it’s 42 more sleep. That’s a lot of fun to be head.

SHARON WITT:  Well, that’s if they’ve got six weeks, some have got a little bit longer. But, yes, there’s lots to do and I think some parents are probably leading up to Christmas is quite busy but you know, probably after a few days, the next few days they’ll be like “now, what do we do?”. The kids will be playing with their toys and they’ll go “what do we do, we’re bored.” So, I think it’s really good to have a bit of a think about. Plan your Christmas holidays if you can and a lot of people, I think just get to these sort of time of the year and just go “oh, what we gonna do.” Some people pack up and go away for quite a few weeks and just head down the beach and park their caravan down there, hold the tents and have a bit of fun. But, what about if you’re stuck around home and you’re not going anywhere, what can you do with the kids.

DJ1: Exactly.

SHARON WITT:  So, did a bit of a survey over the weekend asking people to tell me some of their top things to do with kids over the holidays that aren’t gonna break the budget. Some of them include going to the museum, which can say a bit boring but I tell you what, you can lose your kids for hours in a museum.

SHARON WITT:  It is great.

DJ2: They’ve got this stuffed animal collection, no wait, like taxidermy.

DJ1: That’s cool though.

DJ2: But the taxidermy animals.

DJ1: And they touch screen about it.

DJ2: Yeah, but animals they have there are animals I didn’t even know existed


DJ2: Like crazy things I thought they made up like magical animals but they were real animals.

DJ1: What animal did you think was magical?

DJ2: There’s this crazy animal. I took a photo up my phone that I kept for years and it’s this weird thing that looks like a giant otter but it’s got quite long legs and it is wacky. And I didn’t even know it was an animal.

DJ1: Okay. That’s Saddam Hussein.

SHARON WITT:  And it was real.

DJ1: And end, you get to walk through the skeletons of a whale.

DJ2: It’s so cool. I love museums.

SHARON WITT:  There’s some great stuff to do in museums. And look, there’s bugs and you know go through the spiders, and it’s just fantastic. So, I mean, I take my Year 7s there each year so they actually love it. So that’s good. Lot of parents suggest that setting up a tent in the backyard and just lock in the house, No, they did not say lock the house. No, no, we are not advocating that. But, just having the tent set up, the kids can go and have a sleep over, you know, have one of the parents out there, they’ll love that. Lots of bike rides, getting into back riding again. Pajama days are big, I just, I could spend everyday in my pajamas, but you know, just watching movies in pajamas, and trips to the lake, fishing, going to beaches. What about writing a short film, you know, writing and directing a little short film with your handy cam.

DJ1: Sounds good. And there’s lots of little apps you can get for that too if got a smart phone or.

DJ2: What about writing your own radio program and actually just.

SHARON WITT:  Fantastic. That’s it, why not take our jobs from us!

DJ2: Exactly.

SHARON WITT:  My daughter set up with her girl friend for the last couple of days a gift wrapping station in our garage, so they’ve been, we’ve been to the shops on the weekend and they saw, you know, old ladies, you know, doing the little gold coin donations and so she thought that’s a great idea. So, we’ve all just been taking it out our gifts outside and she’s been.

DJ1: So the neighbors are popping by?

SHARON WITT:  Neighbors pop by.

DJ2: Oh, that’s so cute.

SHARON WITT:  But, it keeps them entertained. And they’ve got Christmas films playing and it’s really lovely.

DJ1: Ah, Sharon, that’s brilliant.

DJ2: That is good.

DJ1: Good idea Sharon.

SHARON WITT:  So happy holidays everyone.

DJ1: Thank you for your hard work this year.

DJ2: Yes.

SHARON WITT:  Thank you. It’s been a pleasure.