Girlwise Senior Primary Curriculum

A 10 Week course for early Adolescent Girls ages 10-12 years

Our young girls are at a crucial stage during their Upper Primary years as they enter early adolescence. Many of the issues that were once delayed until early teen years, are now a strong influence in these late primary years. Issues concerning peer groups, friendship conflicts, body image and self esteem concerns and social media are at the forefront as girls navigate who they are and their place in their tribe.
In response to this trend, Sharon Witt has written a ten week program  that can be delivered to a group of young girls in a school setting or similar space.

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Curriculum Outline

Curriculum Sample

Curriculum Package includes:

  • A downloadable set of Curriculum files and handouts for students ready to be printed
  • Full use for Purchasing School Only (no ongoing license fee)
  • $550 (including GST)

Topics include:

  • Discovering your uniqueness
  • Understanding and developing your character
  • Navigating friendships
  • Developing positive self talk
  • Being responsible cyber citizens
  • Health
  • and more
The Girlwise Program focuses on social and emotional well-being giving our school girls an opportunity to extend their current skills and learn practical ways to combat issues of self-esteem, managing their feelings, undoing unhelpful thinking patterns, negotiating friendships, understanding their own strengths and talents while simultaneously building a sense of belonging and care for one another as we celebrate that they are loved and valuable. Seeing the improvement this 10 week Girlwise Program can make on a child’s outlook and watching them thrive as they learn to be the very best version of themselves is just incredible.
Larissa Gow, School Chaplain
GirlWise senior curriculum by Sharon Witt