Girl Talk – Junior Secondary Curriculum

For Adolescent Girls ages 12-14 years – Coming Soon

Adolescent girls are surrounded by media influences and toxic messages that consistently give them an unrealistic picture of how they should look, feel and act. With body Image concerns affecting 1 in 3 girls, it is crucial we deliver messages and education that counters these influences.
This ten lesson Well Being program has been created specifically for adolescent girls in those crucial first few years of High School.

Click here to the Girl-Talk Junior Secondary Curriculum Outline

Curriculum Package includes:

  • Folder with full set of Curriculum files in hard copy
  • USB containing all files and handouts for students ready to be printed
  • Full use for Purchasing School Only (no ongoing license fee)
  • $550 (including GST) + $8 Postage to anywhere in Australia

Topics include:

  • An introduction to the changes associated with puberty
  • Body image
  • Friendships
  • Dealing with stress
  • Being responsible cyber citizens
  • Goal setting
  • Resilience strategies and identifying their strengths

Girl Talk Junior Secondary Curriculum by Sharon WittGirl Wise Junior High School Curriculum by Sharon Witt