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Cheap Thrills: Sharon Witt

By November 18, 2017July 25th, 2018No Comments



DJ1:  Yey, Sharon Witt good morning.

SHARON WITT: Good morning you lovely people. Hey, how are you?

DJ2:  Good.

SHARON WITT: Hey, great topic today.

DJ1:  Yes.

SHARON WITT: I found this little article in the, in the paper on the weekend and it was basically saying that children enjoy the simple pleasures of going to the park or  building a cubby house just as much as they enjoy an expensive day out in an amusement parks.

DJ2:  Interesting.

SHARON WITT: According to a new survey, so this was in the UK about youngters between the age of 5 and 11 where asked to rank their favorite holiday activity according to how fun it was, how happy it made them and how memorable it was. Do you wanna know the top three?

DJ1:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

SHARON WITT: Playing in the garden or park number one. Number two water parks, who doesn’t love a good water park. And number three, which I thought would have been the top one, building a cubby. So.

DJ2:  Cubbies are the best. I love cubbies.

SHARON WITT: Aren’t they the best? And how many people have actually, you know, built cubbies using all mom’s sheets and blankets and undercovers.

DJ2:  Under this desk there’s a cubby.

DJ1:  Cubby right here in the studio. Sharon, what age do kids start getting expensive? I’ve got a one year old so I could see how these things could be good. But, when do kids stat going, hang on, I want more money. What age is that?

SHARON WITT: Look, once he sort of enter the teen years, once he enters eight, nine, ten to teenage years. But you know what, I think there’s so many things that you can do that aren’t gonna cost the earth, but the thing is lot of those things if you just, you know, let the kids come up with their own fun it can actually be just as memorable as it going to an amusement park or the zoo.

DJ2:  Exactly.

SHARON WITT: We can tend to as parents want to over schedule our kids to into their lives. We can tend to do that because we think if their stimulated and we’ve got activities for them to do but often what happens at first day of the holidays the kids say, what are we doing today.

DJ2:  Yes.

SHARON WITT: And so, we need to allow our children to be able to make their own activities. So, some of the other parents, some parents sent me things through this morning, such as you know  their kids like making snowflakes out of paper and they said it’s a bit messy but still fun.

DJ1:  Cool.

SHARON WITT: Cooking is huge, lot of kids both boys and girls.

DJ2:  Specially with like Masterchef.

DJ1:  Junior Masterchef.

DJ2:  Yes, kids are loving cooking like nothing else. All my friends’ kids they’re just amazing. They’re better cooks than I am. It’s amazing.

DJ1:  TV, TV infulences kids, they should have like a junior clean-up-your-room TV show.

DJ2:  Great idea.

DJ1:  Junior do-the-dishes.

SHARON WITT: And why not, you know, have your child help, you know, come up with what they gonna have for tea and you just supervise but let them do that. One of my favorite things, I still love playing schools with my dolls so I’d set all permission to say this on air, but I set all my dolls up, all twenty of them, and have them all sitting there with these pens and I was the teacher and fondly enough I became a teacher. But, you know, there’s lots of stuffs, kids just needs to play.

DJ1:  Both me and my cousin who are now in radio, he also does a show in New Zealand, we did radio shows with our tape decks, our family tape deck where we record ourselves. I have these tape recordings of us when we were five.

DJ2:  I used to record tapes, my sister would give me a boom box, a tape and I’d sit there and I’d record like two hours of stuff just made making up songs or doing shows, which I give to my mom. The other thing that I did is  that I printed newspaper so and I would go photocopy like five editions then I’ll go sell it to my family then coming up here’s the news, it’s called The Jean of the Journal and I still have every edition of the The Jean of the Journal.

SHARON WITT: Oh, I love that.

DJ1:  And she used to go kill frogs. Yeah.


DJ2:  King toads not frogs.

DJ1:  Oh, king toads, sorry wrong one.

DJ2:  It’s a long story.

DJ1:  Okay, but that’s what we used to do as a kid, but that’s free. What other free stuff is there?

SHARON WITT: Do you know I used to set up a library in my room.

DJ2:  A library?

SHARON WITT: And everyone had to borrow my Enid Blyton books and I have my little sister read everything. I know someone who may or may not related to me, who actually just set up a zoo in the backyard using all the stuffed animals and he had lions and tigers and all those.

DJ1:  Awesome.

DJ2:  The best.

SHARON WITT: And you go and all the neighborhood people came to visit the zoo eventhough the animals looks dead.

DJ2:  I was all about cubbies, all about cubby houses.

DJ1:  Yes.

DJ2:  And then living in them like building a mega cubby and then moving all your stuff into the cubby and then just living in there.

DJ1:  Did you sleep the night in your cubby?

DJ2:  I would sleep in the cubby, yes, I was allowed to on school holidays when I was having full cubby world, I was allowed to sleep in my cubby. And I would eat lunch in my cubby and mom would come and visit me and everytime someone visited me they had to bring a gift.

SHARON WITT: That’s so cool.

DJ2:  And they’d knock  on the door and then Dad would come in with a gift of chocolate. It was awesome. You had to have bring a gift when you visited my cubby. Nothing’s really changed, has it?

DJ1:  Yes sure. We had to bring a gift just to visit Lucy.

DJ2:  Yeah, too much.

SHARON WITT: Yes, so I think what we can take away from this is it’s good to allow the space for kids to be out and just play and make their own fun. Look, you know, going to the zoo and things like that are fun, but, let’s remember to play.

DJ1:  I think it’s good and it’s free and it’s cheap. Get out there and do, you don’t have to spend some money like, you know, things like movies and stuff are so expensive. You’ve given us some great alternatives Sharon. Thank you so much.

SHARON WITT: Yes, awesome Sharon.

SHARON WITT: Cubby making tonight.

DJ: Yey!

DJ2:  I know what I’m doing.

DJ1:  All going under the desk now to hide. Thanks Sharon.