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How does LightFM impact children – Sharon Witt

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  HOW DOES LIGHTFM IMPACT CHILDREN – SHARON WITT   DJ1: And that’s why it’s so fantastic that we have author and speaker Sharon Witt in the tally room right with us. Good afternoon Sharon. SHARON WITT: Good afternoon guys. DJ2: Welcome. SHARON WITT: Thank you. DJ1: It’s always welcome that we have Sharon on during brekky, she’s our Kid Whisperer, but Sharon, what are, what’s the impact that the content, the music we hear, what impact does it have on children? How important it is? SHARON WITT: Yeah, I think, you know, often we forget that there’s a lot of children in the car listening during when LightFM is on and it’s one of those stations, I speak to many parents in the schools that I work at and you know in the work that I do who say that they have LightFM on overtime and it’s one of…

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